• Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water before touching the mask
  • Inspect the mask for any damages or dirt
  • Adjust the mask without leaving gaps on the side
  • Cover your mouth, nose, and chin
  • Avoid touching the mask
  • Clean your hands before removing the mask
  • Use the straps to remove the mask and pull it away from your face
  • Store the mask in the clean resealable plastic bag if it is not dirty or wet, and you plan to re-use it
  • Remove the mask from the bag by the straps
  • Wash the mask with soap or detergent, preferably with hot water, at least once a day
  • Clean your hands after removing the mask



  • DO NOT use a damaged mask
  • DO NOT wear a loose mask
  • DO NOT wear the mask under the nose
  • DO NOT remove the mask if there are people within 1 meter of you
  • DO NOT use a mask that's difficult to breathe through
  • DO NOT use a dirty or wet mask
  • DO NOT share your mask with others


Source:  World Health Organization